League “PLUS+”

League+ will be held on consecutive Tuesday nights beginning at 7pm. For Spring 2018, April 10 – May 22. The premise of the PLUS+ is that the karts will be programmed different for a quicker acceleration response and higher RPM than daily usage.




Entry Fee: $65 / night


7 week series, best 6 weeks count

  • 4 race rounds per night - All four rounds count for top time of night
  • 8 Minute Practice Race
  • 8 minute Qualifier
  • (2) 8 minute Final Races



  • Winner of each round receives one free race at High Voltage.


  • League championship will be determined by the best 6 of the 7 rounds for each driver.
  • League Podium (1st/2nd/3rd) receive championship trophies.

All participants of the leagues must have at least 2 complete races on record with our facility to be eligible to participant in any league.